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Galaxy Rise

The Silver Feathered Raven

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Someday, I will write a bio that I'm actually happy with...

I'm typically a writer and artist in the various fandoms that I find myself part of. I've been pretty active as of late over on DeviantArt; I'm TheSilverRaven. I've got a lot of older writings over on fanfiction.net (The Silver Feathered Raven), though I've mostly migrated over to LJ.

I'm pretty open as far as pairings go. And while I certainly have my favorite pairings, if it's well written I read most anything. Current loves are Anders/Hawke from Dragon Age 2 and Booster Gold/Blue Beetle from DC comics (thanks to fourdollarwords for getting me hooked on them).

In real life I am an aspiring biologist who will (hopefully) go into some sort of research. I also masquerade daily as a network support tech.

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